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Paint correction

1 STEP 40 to 60% correction - Starting at: Car $500, SUV $600, Pickup $800
2 STEPS 60 to 90% correction - Starting at: Car $1000, SUV $1400, Pickup $1800
A visual assessment is required.

Using the best products and the most innovative techniques, a variety of paint correction services are offered: from a simple first step paint correction to revive the paint, to a two-step correction to eliminate defects (scratches, swirls, marking caused by washing) and restore its depth and clarity. A wax lasting approximately 2 to 4 months is then applied. Adding ceramic protection Gtechniq is recommended to you for maximum protection.



Starting at: Car $180, SUV $230, Pickup $300 (A visual evaluation is required.)

The car wash is followed by the application of a concentrated solution called Iron X that removes all environmental contaminants. A clay bar is passed on all the painted areas to remove all extra contaminants. The vehicle is then protected by a wax. We recommend this treatment should be done every 4 to 5 months. For a maximum protection of the paint, we can replace the wax by a paint sealant for only 30$ more. A basic care is also included.


Interior shampoo

Starting at: Car $380, SUV/Pickup $400 (A visual evaluation is required.)

A quality extraction wash is done all the seats and carpets. The vault, seatbelts and plastics are deeply cleaned. A water-based finish is then applied on the plastics and the leathers are treated. The interior of your vehicle will look new again! For an extra amount, a Gtechniq anti-stain treatment can be applied for a better protection of the leather and fabric.


Interior/exterior vehicle care

Starting at: Car $90, SUV $130, Pickup $150 (A visual evaluation is required.)

All vehicles are cleaned thoroughly using the two bucket technique with a high quality microfiber wash mitt. The vehicle is then dried thoroughly. A vacuum cleaner is meticulously passed through the interior of the vehicles. The console and plastics are cleaned. The interior and exterior windows are washed with a shine that leaves no trace. Please note that a surcharge applies for the removal of animal hair.


Aquapel treatment

Car/SUV/Pickup $25

The aim of the aquapel treatment is to considerably increase your visibility regardless of weather conditions for a period of 4 to 6 months.

  • It makes de-icing and snow removal from the windshield easier.

  • It easily removes dirt and mosquitoes.

  • It reduces glare from lights when driving at night.


Engine shampoo

Starting at: Car/SUV/Pickup $70

An engine shampoo allows to see if there is an oil leak, allows a better distribution of the heat, avoids to get dirty when checking the oil, gives a good look and facilitates the resale of the car.


Headlights restauration

Starting at: Car/SUV/Pickup $260 both

Restore the original appearance and efficiency to your front headlights by removing oxidation and yellowing caused by the sun and the years. A paint protection film is applied as a finish for a longer duration.


Windshield repair

Prices vary according to the vehicle

At Auto Esthétique Farnham, we offer everything from a windshield repair to a complete replacement. Our service is always rapid and effective!


Paintless dent removal

The prices vary according to the vehicle evaluation

Remove bumps on your vehicle's body without repainting. A visual assessment is required for an estimate.


Tinted windows

Starting at $230 for the complete vehicle

Auto Esthétique Farnham offers you a professional service for tinting your vehicle's windows!

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