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Ceramic protection is unique because of its resistance that lasts up to 9 years. The protection forms a sort of second varnish that is dense, thick and completely hydrophobic. It also masks swirls and micro-scratches. Whether protecting a new vehicle of used after a polishing, all parts of your car can be protected : bodywork, rims,plastics, windows. The ceramic protection will easily repel the water and the various contaminants. In addition, il will facilitate the maintenance of the treated parts.




















Gtechniq C2 V3

Hydrophobic sealant, up to 8 months protection.

Starting at : Car $200, SUV $220, Van/Pickup $250.

Gtechniq Exo V4

Up to 24 months protection.

Starting at : Car $400, SUV $500, Van/Pickup $600.

Gtechniq Crystal Serum Light

Up to 5 years protection.

Starting at : Car $600, SUV $700, Van/Pickup $800.

Top Crystal Serum Light with Exo V4 for more protection. 

Gtechniq Crystal Serum Ultra

Up to 9 years protection.

Starting at : Car $900, SUV $1000, Van/Pickup $1100.

Top Crystal Serum Ultra with Exo V4 for more protection. 

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Polishing is required before applying ceramic protection (not included in the price of ceramic protection). The rims are included and treat the windshield for an extra $80. For an ultimate protection of your vehicle and to know all our Gtechniq products, please contact us.

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